RudeBoi was born in the year 1220 B.C., son of Zeus and Alcmene. As his life in the city had grown him  jaded and cynical, he set his sights on the resting place of his negligent father, Mount Olympus. In one furious tirade accompanied by a most magnificent display of lyrical onslaught he had felled the gods themselves and imprisoned eternity in naught but a fortnight.

As his reign over the overworld lasted several hundred years, he had become complacent in his tyranny, permitting, in his preoccupation, an unforeseen assault by one known only as the son of the King of Kings. As The Fallen Angel had previously been stricken to the underworld, RudeBoi was cast into Flatbush, Brooklyn, a purgatory between realms.

As RudeBoi navigates the deepest, darkest drudges of purgatory, he has recently resurfaced to make good on a vow to once again topple the titans to lay claim to the mortal realm.


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